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Hi all,

I am Rohith This is my first story about my first experience with my friend which happened a few years back.The story might be long please read it and tell me if the narration is correct.We were three friends from college in Chennai.We all later came to mangalore and got jobs in IT companies .My two friends Kushal and Nithesh work in IT software companies and I work in a call center.To tell about my friends, both are good friends of mine we are friends for about 10 years now.

We all stayed in the same apartment until Kushal got married and shifted to another apartment near his office. Later Nithesh also went onsite so i was left all alone, until Nitesh returned after almost a year.As soon as he was back and staying with me he got married to a friend of us, Neetu. I knew her earlier but we were just not close to each other.After his marriage at chennai, nitesh was back with her in mangalore and decided to stay in Kushal’s house as he was planning to go onsite again so he did not find a new a house for him. Since I was staying alone

and often used to visit kushal apartment.It was a 2BHk but quite big apartment. After a few days kushal and nitesh asked me stay with them why to waste staying alone. Initially I refused but later after all compulsion I moved in with them after a week. Kushal used one room and nitesh used other while i used to sleep in the hall on the couch. Mean while Kushal’s wife returned to her native as she was doing some higher studies.

Now coming to the story, this happened with my friend Neetu who married Nitesh. Nitesh was very soft guy never used to be having much fun like us , was always calm. People liked him because he was a quite and behaves matured at all times.Now days passed and since i work in call center mostly i do night shifts. I used to be at home with neetu at day and use either Kushal’s room or Nithesh room to sleep.It was mostly kushal’s as his wife was not there and neetu was around so not much used their room to sleep.Things went on days passed, we used hang out in weekends, movies , malls etc , sometimes kushal’s wife also comes when she has holidays.

So it was routine for us, i come in the morning around 8 and leave around 10 in the night.While my friends both leave before i come and return in the evening.I see my Friends only in the evening while workdays.Neetu at apartment does her daily work at house and watches TV in the hall or stays in her room. She mostly wears nighty at home and sometimes kurti, she was not much into modern dress . I do not interact much but i just help her if anything needed. Neetu was a talkative and bold girl as i knew her before ,She had an average body, looks good , talks to me normally about normal things and sometimes she ask me for some DVD movies since she gets bored.I used to buy her what she wants when i return from my work and i just enter one of the room to rest and never come out till late afternoon.Sometimes she wakes me up if she wants something.

Now, I actually had no bad intentions on her till a incident happened, one day i woke up before afternoon since i did not get proper sleep and came out of my room and was looking for neetu. The whole flat was quiet and i searched for her in all rooms including the balcony.

Then i thought might be in her room sleeping. I opened her bedroom but was not there too.When i entered i heard some noise in the bathroom and thought alright she is in there and i came out and was sitting on the couch in the hall.Quite some time passed and still she did not come out . I wondered what happened and again went to check her room, when i opened the door to my big surprise she was on the bed sitting over a pillow masturbating , all her nighty lifted up above her waist and was using some-kind of toy i guess, in her pussy and was feeling herself.

I did know what to do out of shock my breath went high and breathing so heavily and she saw me, with no time i closed the door quick and went to the hall sat on couch trembling and thinking what she would say to me.And did not move from that place , maybe after an hour she came out from her room and saw me sitting in the couch , i did not even look at her.She also did not speak anything with me. I was confused whether she would tell nitesh or think how would she say that she was masturbating and i also did not do anything wrong , all sorts of thoughts were coming in my mind.We both never spoke for the whole day.I left for my work that evening and returned next day morning. My mind was filled with the incident. Today i did not knock the door, i had a spare key and opened it quietly found neetu in the hall, but i just went into my room and closed the door.After few minutes she knocked the door and said she needs to buy something for the house and so she is going to the market.Normally she doesn’t go, i used go for market, maybe because of the incident she was feeling embarrassed to ask me. I stopped her and told ” I would go and buy it and you stay here”she hesitatingly said ok and i left to the market.

When i came back i knocked the door and she immediately opened the door i gave the things to her and went back to the room.After i woke up in the afternoon she was watching TV and i came and sat in the hall there was a silence and she stopped changing channels and was sitting still.Even i had no idea what to talk. Later she asked me “what time you going to work today”.I said “as usual” and few mins later i asked if she wants any DVD or anything else , she said no thanks she is fine, i continued to do my routine work.As usual weekend came and we all went out for a movie all fun and there again Monday started…..

The week began for me and neetu again all alone in the flat slowly we started talking and things were back to normal, we both forgot about the incident but this time got a little closer and used to interact a little more than earlier and became more friends , but nor we discussed about the incident. I normally use to watch porn in the net… but the Desktop was in neetu’s room and i couldn’t use it much. I did not have laptop and was thinking to buy one.

When nitesh said why dont you use the desktop?…, but how would i say him i need it to watch porn.A couple of weeks passed and neetu was going around as usual she used to call me anytime for help and sometimes even disturbed my sleep if she got bored.Then again one day i entered her room for something, i opened the room door and this time i found her in the bathroom playing with her pussy and her body(the bathroom door was not closed). This time i stood there for a minute and she turned around and saw me surprised, i was surprised too but not like the first time. I nodded my head and thought what was i doing and closed the door behind me and went out nearby not knowing what to do and came back after 30 mins.I entered the flat and found neetu in the balcony i just stared at her and came back to the hall. she also followed me to the hall.

We both sat and i asked her if she wants something ,,, just to act casual. She was looking down and nodded her head.Then she called out ” rohith”, I said “Yes”, She said she is sorry and i asked for what, she kept quiet for a sec and said sorry for incident and please not to tell anyone.I smiled and said “how could i say about this to someone”.She was not compromised and said “no please don’t tell nitesh”.I laughed and said “there is noway that i am going to talk about this to him and moreover how can i go to somebody and say your wife is masturbating.i would be like a stupid standing and telling him this…have you not thought of that??”.

She then said “yeah but i just wanted to tell you”. I said don’t worry i am not gonna speak a word about this and this is common as people do this at this age” and to calm her down i said ” even i used to do it often so there is nothing to worry” Hearing this she gave a surprised look at me. i suddenly felt a little embarassed about what i just told her and she gave a smile. Maybe she was relaxed. again i started ,”But One thing i don’t understand is why are you doing it after you got married now”. she again put her head down.

I said i am really sorry if i asked something wrong . She said its ok and slowly told me that “You know about nitesh ,he is soft and calm guy i like him so much”, I said “Yeah we all know he is a nice guy…” she hesitatingly continued ” Yes but he is so nice that he treats me so soft on the bed too, i am not saying bad about him but i like to be rough on the bed but he is so calm with me that i feel i am missing something ” i asked her why does she not discuss it with him, she said she spoke once but he again acts the same with her on bed.I did not know what to say. We kept quite for a while.I again asked her “at-least why don’t you close the door while you having fun with your self” .

She replied with a naughty smile “Excuse me, the door was closed you were the one who entered my room ” i said ” i meant why not latch the door so that i could not enter”. she said that she normally just closes the door as the main door was locked all day and as i would also be sleeping she never bothered to lock the bedroom the door.I said “alright fine atleast here on start locking the door”.She smiled and said what is the point locking now.i smiled and said “ok never blame me later” and i walked into her room to use the desktop.

She came after a few mins and asked “why all these days you never come and use the system and today you came in” , i said” i had to send an urgent mail and more on didn’t want to disturb her” She laughed and said you have already disturbed me twice now stop acting and use the desktop whenever needed.I just nodded and gave a smile.she was getting more and more closer to me and then on we talk everything.Started watching DVD movies together and sometimes she used to tease me that i never had a girlfriend.Once she asked me what i thought while i found her in that status in her room. i just kept quite.

Again she asked,didn’t you feel anything?? I asked “what do you mean”. She again laughed. She never locks her room when I am around only closes it. I now started using the desktop frequently and some times try to watch porn. I even found the toy lying in her room she used to masturbate, it did not look like a proper sex toy , I was wondering what it was .One day she was using the other bathroom to bath since the water heater was not working in her bathroom and so I thought I got a chance to watch porn and thinking she might take time . I opened some sites and was watching some videos , I was wearing track pants and T shirt .

I slid down my pants and was rubbing my tool, not masturbating just feeling it, as I thought she might come anytime but suddenly, unexpected she came into the room quicker than I thought she would take. She rushed in and saw me in that status and I suddenly jumped up of the chair and turned off the monitor and pulling up my tracks, doing all this at the same time I panicked .she stood there and in a min she burst into laugh . I turned towards the other side and was scolding myself . She said ” I caught you , this time , turn around boy no need to feel shy it’s common at this age”

I actually was smiling at this as she said the same what I said to her and feeling shy to face her. She came closer to me and told me to turn. But I didn’t … She pulled me and made me sit on the chair. She sat on the bed near me and said” come on why do you have to feel bad now..”.I was just rolling the computer mouse and didn’t say anything . She then started teasing me… Which I also started laughing and said stop it … Later she asked what I was watching in the system … She switched on the monitor where I tried to stop her , she just pushed me back and put it on. The video was running and she said so this is why you wanted a laptop.

I slowly said yes and we were just laughing .after this there was nothing to hide between us. She said you carry on and she left the room. She came in after a while slowly opened the door and asked are you finished, I said I am not doing anything just surfing the net.she asked what are you surfing and came near me . I had opened a site which had sex toys and was looking at some dildos.

she:”what is this ?”

me: you really don’t know what is this??

She : I know a few but there are so many here.

Me: select which one you want.

She just hit me on my back and said buy it for yourself I don’t want anything . I asked then what was the toy you were using that day .she said “you saw that too …” I said “ok cool down now and tell me which one you want”she said she is fine with that she already has . I told her that it is not a sex toy and from where did you get it. She told she got it from a friend of hers. Then I insisted her to buy one online as that would not be safe what she is using and more over she could get a better pleasure by buying a good one . She said no way if anyone comes to know that she bought it… it will not be good. I said I would buy it for her just select which one you need .

She refused but I convinced her and we scrolled down and saw many items most sites were for foreign countries or out of stock. After a while we found one site and ordered it ( I don’t remember the site name, it’s been long ). I ordered a dildo and a vibrator also. She asked “why a vibrator”.I told just try it you might like it . She told “I never thought you would be so naughty”. I said even never thought I would do these things for a girl. We both laughed and she asked so did you finish your video and service your tool. I said no . She asked “why not anyway there’s nothing to feel bad within us so just do it”. Then telling that she pinched my thigh and left.

Then I slowly started watching some videos and put down my pants playing with my tool. After a while I heard the door opening a little but no one came in , even I didn’t bother as there is nothing to hide even if she came in. After playing with my tool ,I went out of the room . she was in the hall and laughed at me and said “ok now??” I smiled at her . she said she was watching what I was doing ,, I told her I doubted so as door opened and you did not come in . She laughed. Then that day passed by just talking and teasing each other.

The next day she came and opened the door of my room to check on if I was sleeping.. I woke up but did not react just lay quiet. She then went into her room and closed the door. I quietly came out and went near the door but I did not want to open it as I just want to see what she’s doing without she knowing it. I then went to The balcony and tried to open the window Of her room. After a few mins of struggle one window opened as it was not latched properly . I opened window half and moved the curtain a little and was peaking inside . She came out from the bathroom and on bed she arranged the pillows to make her comfortable and lifted her nighty all the way up and unzipped also and started rubbing her breasts . I don’t think she was wearing a bra. She was slowly playing with her body. I got a immediate Hard on …

But just controlled as I was standing in the balcony. Later she slowly moved her hands on her thighs and she licked one hand with her tongue and slowly started rubbing her pussy… I did not get clear view but could see it was hairy… She was using her fingers and running teasing and inserting fingers in and out her pussy. She then took out her old toy and licked it and then slowly inserted it inside her pussy.

She started slowly in and out and within a min she increased speed and was moaning but not too loud. A few minutes later she took out the toy threw on the bed aside and turned herself on the bed and was pressing and rubbing her pussy on the pillow while hugging another pillows. Her body just squirmed . She was enjoying herself Cumming. Seeing all this for the first time live I was totally out of control my tool was hard rock … I just closed the window straight headed To the bathroom and as soon as touched my tool I released my load and I tried to relax by washing my tool and take a quick shower. I came out of shower but still I was feeling so much erected . Only she was in mind .

Even though I dare did not take a move to approach her for this thinking it would be bad. I again went to the balcony to see what she was doing . She was not there, I said might be in the bathroom.

Then I went to my room and lay down but couldn’t sleep. I took a pillow and squeezing it thinking of her and laid the pillow below me and was dry humping. After a few minutes she entered my room and saw me dry humping a pillow and she laughed like never before. I too got up and sat on my bed looking at her laughing so much… I didn’t know how to react even I just laughed along with her . She-asked what were you doing I replied “the same you were trying to do”. She looked at me and asked “so from when did you start watching me without knowing me.. “I said just today. I thought she would scold but she said “never mind I have seen you so nothing wrong in you seeing me “. I was taken back by her words. She then said “what… We know about each other and this is not the first time so don’t worry” I smiled and said you are getting too casual with me. She said “what else could I do now”. Then she asked “at-least now did you feel something. Watching me like that?? ” I said “then why do you think I was humping my pillow … “She laughed out loud again .

Then this became routine I never minded her watching me whenever I was playing with my tool while watching porn and even she sometimes does not even close the door while playing with her body and mastrubate in her room. This all happened only when we both were alone and we were discreet .A few days later was watching porn again In her room she came in saw me and I said “you want to watch “. She asked what kind it was .. I said a woman was seducing a young boy. She just saw a few mins got up closed the room door and went on the bed and took out her toy and was moving her nighty up.. I asked “do you want me to go out..” She asked ” why .. Just sit down don’t act.”

I continued watching the video and the next video queued up was a lesbian video and when it started she asked “are you gay?” I was surprised and shocked and asked “why did you ask that ??” She said “you are watching lesbian videos ??” I said “I like to see girls playing with each other, that doesn’t mean I am gay”. She said “Ok, you neither have a girlfriend and then you even don’t approach me after seeing all this we both have done in front of each other then what would I think … You have not even thought you should ask me for blow job or something is it?? I never even knew guys like you existed… don’t you feel anything on me?? I am sure guys will want to do all sorts of things when they get a chance with a girl .

But you are just…. I don’t even know what to say about you. I thought some day you would want me but you just keep going on with just looking at each other mastrubating”…. I never thought she had intentions with me and would ask all this. I then told “Look girl I would like to be with someone but how could I be with you.. Even thou we have seen each other in every-way doing all things in front of each other something is stopping me from getting close to you” she asked ” what… are you scared ”

I said not scared but it’s also that I have never been with a girl before.

She : never mind start being with a girl now.
Me: I told you I can’t
She :” are you worried about your friend”
Me : ” Maybe that’s a reason too”
She : I don’t know why you are saying this, but let me tell you something ,, your good friend also had a relationship before me, he told me about it”
Me : no way
She: yes it’s true ask your friend ”
Me : I was a bit confused and said “anyway that has nothing to do with is”
She : Ok take your time now I don’t want to waste the day and winked at me.

And she was sitting on the bed. Meanwhile I was thinking about whether it’s true about my friend. Then after a while she broke the silence and said “what plans today” .. I asked about what … She said “nothing .. Do you have a trimmer”

I said “yes what do you want that for”

She :”you know what I asked for”

I smiled and went to my room got it and gave it to her .. I said be careful with that…

She : then would you do it for me.

Me: I said I am sure you can handle it.

She went inside the bathroom did not close the door and where she removed her nighty and panty. And sat on the bath stool, and wiped her pussy and switched on the trimmer … It was on high speed she called out saying “how to slow it down” ,, I went In the bathroom took the trimmer from her hand and reduced the speed to one and gave it to her. She then spread her legs and started trimming her pubes … I asked her doesn’t she shave there … She said she does it only when someone shaves it for her.

I curiously asked who has shaved you before.

She : friends(female) roommates while in college .
Me : have you had sex with your friends .
She : not really just play with each other’s body and have some fun in the shower .

Meanwhile I had huge bulge of my tool over my pants which she saw and laughed saying you are a jerk.

I said I know what you mean and went to the bed and started stroking my tool.

Later she finished cleaned and came out and saw me and asked ” I am asking you , you want me to give you a blowjob”

I said “no, just give me some time” … She just left the room.

Days continue with the same things and my feelings for her were beginning to grow and she also keeps teasing me. One day while I was sleeping she entered my room and tried to wake me up. I never woke up.. Then slowly slid her hands inside my pants to reach my tool. I got out form the bed and she laughed and told “I know you would get up if I did this. ” My sleep was all gone and asked her what she wants. She said she is bored … I asked “you didn’t mastrubate today” teasing her

She said she is bored of that too. Then we were chatting about few things and the topic again changed to sex. I remembered the order of sex toys and it’s been sometime and I went to the system to track the order status. I then took out the contact number of freight and called up. They said the order has reached but you have to come an collect it as there is no service of the courier in our area. I thought even better why someone deliver it here . I got ready and told neetu I am going to get what she wants and went to freight office with given address .Got the package and returned to the flat after an hour or so.I just entered locked the Main door and gave it to neetu…

She was excited and went into the bedroom and opened the package. There was a dark blue dildo and a small vibrator. She was just mouth wide opened and I told “just throw your old stupid toy and try this”. She actually laughed . I asked “why “. she hugged me and kissed , told me that “no boy would buy toys for a girl when he has his own toy “.That was the first time she hugged and kissed me,felt good but I did not react. I said “stop teasing me and play with your new toys “. She said she doesn’t know to use the vibrator as she has not used it before … I said even i don’t know how to use it . I then said let’s find out and we logged in the net and searched some videos. Some videos popped up and there a lesbian video on girls using vibrators. We both were watching the video was about 30 mins .

Then she stood up and said “come on let’s try it.”

Me: you try it
She: and you are just gonna stand and watch?!!
Me : ok wait

I took the vibrator cleaned it with wipes and saw that it required batteries. I took out some batteries and made it work and gave it to her.

She pushed me on the bed and said “you will use this on me”. And tried to remove my clothes .I said “what !! ” She said “I have heard enough now just do it before I call you something ” I said “ok ok let me change and come ” as I was wearing all stuff since I went out to get the package. She said be quick . I went to the bathroom washed myself and wore a boxers and a tee. And came in ten minutes. She was “what were you doing so long “.

She then stood up and removed her nighty … Was in bra and panty,laid back on the bed. I asked “which one I should use first the dildo or vibrator” she said “you shameless just do something yourself and use what you like ”

She lying there I saw her body all over and for the first time I was really admiring her body.. She wore a black panty and bra… She looked at me and asked “what are you staring at…” I smiled and got next to her… She just pulled me closer and kissed me hard .. I did even know how to kiss. She said, “just go with it.” Then slowly I moved my hands over her body and stomach and slowly slid my fingers through her panty. I really did not know what to do… Then I remembered a oral sex video which I watched recently where a male did only oral and fingered the girl and made her cum. More over I remember the videos on what makes a girl cum and all related stuff . I decided to do that on her.

After kissing for a few mins I went down and removed her panty. I slowly started to explore her sexual parts and started kissing her thighs slowly above her knee till her pussy. I could feel the heat of body getting high and saw she closed her eyes. Moving up to her pussy with my lips she caught my head with both hands and started pressing hard on her pussy, her pussy was well trimmed with a minimum amount of hair.slowly spread her legs and used my fingers to split her clits and inserted my tongue … I never knew pussy Is so soft. I started licking and actually eating her pussy like a softie cream.

She started to moan a little . After licking her for sometime I then removed her bra and started, licking and smooching all over her body from head to heels. I spent some time in her belly button as she liked it there ,I then turned her and did the same on her back for around ten mins . I was massaging her butt which was feeling good for my hands . She was inher slight moan and breathing heavy . My body was trembling as well.

Then turned her again and was rubbing her pussy. I suddenly remember that she wants to be handled rough. so this time kissed her on her lips actually was almost chewing her lips without biting hard. She respond well for that and held me tight.with the same roughness went to her breasts and squeezed them and chewed her tits for a few mins and all the way down to her pussy and started eating her clits like a crazy animal.her moans went higher and higher. This happened for a while .

After that she cummed and squirmed hugging me tightly and kissing me. Then I thought I should try fingering her and went near her pussy and lying on her side like 69 I slowly inserted middle finger first slowly and few strokes I inserted one more finger she was loud … I then increased the speed of fingering and she was going out of control … As my leg side was near her hands she pulled down my boxer and touched my tool … My tool which was half erection immediately went on full rock on… First time a girl touching my tool I was out of the world. she was squeezing and stroking my tool roughly and it pained a little for me.i removed her hand with one of my hands and she held my thighs and pressed it hard while I was stroking her.

Now me , I was thinking about the girl spot theory which I read on the net and was wondering how to find it … I slowly with one finger tried where would be that spot which feels different in her hole after around few mins of searching slowly, as it might cause pain to her… She between asked “why you slowing down?” I said wait and finally found a spot which felt different from other areas of her pussy. I started rubbing that area inside with my middle finger which reached there and she was going mad when I did that and I thought this is the girl spot and started going faster and faster .she soon made a moment of getting orgasm, my fingers were all wet with her drips And when she did, she just pushed out my hands and pulled me to her and hugged kissed madly, her body was trembling too.I was enjoying but my body trembling did not stop . In a min after that she just pushed me down, removed my tee and pulled my boxer completely down and took my tool in her

mouth stroking hard before I could say wait … She started that and I released my load … As it was my first time I couldn’t control . She then took some wipes and cleaned the grease on my tool and again took my tool in her mouth. I said what are you doing ? , she did not even care for that. And was going a little rough on my tool which caused a little pain but I liked it and within few minutes again my tool got hard rock and she just went for it crazy sucking. I did not know what to say, was just enjoying whatever she did. Later She came up and kissed lying on me. I now hugged her and asked did I do as you expected ? she said are you sure you did it for the first time . I said yes, I just did it seeing the porn videos. She then sat on her knees up on my thighs held my tool and tried to insert my tool in her pussy. I said” no no wait this would be too fast for me to get there and more over I don’t have a condom”. She said “come on we have did so far

why not do this”. I told her please understand neetu give me some time as I have did so far for you. (it was just that i was feeling a bit guilty) ,then she said fine, what next? and I lay her down kissed her and I again went down to her and started eating her pussy and did that girl spot thing and this time she took a while than earlier and she cummed .With all strength she hugged me this time and scratched me with her nails .we both just lay there for sometime ….she asked where did you learn to do all this and finding the spot … I told her from the net. She said not bad , never experienced a finger penetration like this , was feeling good that I have done some thing at last. I asked her why don’t we just forget the anal part and remain with only oral stuff as something is really stopping me from doing anal. she said “just shut up” . I said fine. Now she asked me “have any other ideas? ” … I said “let me think …”

I got up and went for the fridge and took out some berries which were chilled and came back … She asked what are you doing … I said watch and spread her legs and made her ly down . Now I took one big berry and slowly kept on her clits and pushed half of it inside . She shivers as The chill passes her inside . Then I used my mouth to rotate the berry in her pussy and and slowly started to bite and eat it. She moaned and shivered . I then ate most it there and got a mixed taste of her juice and the berry juice.It was too good… Then took the remaining berry whole in mouth and moved up to lips and she just took that out of mine using her tongue and swallowed it…. we kissed for while relaxing.

We slept for some time and woke suddenly thinking it might be late and saw the clock .. She said “we still have time boy don’t be worried” . I said ok shall we getup and freshen up. She asked why … I said “come on let’s get cleaned up”. I then entered the bathroom she came behind me .. I opened the tap she said I will wash you and she poured some water on me and applied soap … Straight she took my manhood and started squeezing it .. I told her “you may like it rough but I would be glad if you handle my tool soft as it is causing pain” . She laughed and said “don’t worry boy I will handle it “.. She washed the soap sat on the bath stool and took my manhood in her mouth and was sucking it like lollipop, which was feeling so great. Later she made me cum. And washed me .she then cleaned herself and we were changing in the bedroom .

She : We wouldn’t need to have ordered the toys if you did this earlier .

Me : no no we will sure use the toys

She : I have you as my toy now I don’t want plastic toys “winked and pinched me on my waist”

I then went to take some rest she also slept till evening. From that day on we started to have fun almost everyday except weekends as all were at home.

Even if I stay in my room she just comes in and takes me to do what she wants except for one thing I never used to do anal with her . She was a bit mad at me for that. She often said she said has never Been so close and comfortable with anybody else , as I kept our things secret. We used to try different types of oral sex and positions to make things wild she was ready to do anything with me and I tried all that she wanted. I liked eating her pussy the most and she too liked it whenever I did that. She says u are getting better every day. But all said now I am all alone , moved in Bangalore and she shifted to Mumbai. haven’t met her in the last couple of years.

This is my first experience and will share my next story ..

Readers please let me know if I have narrated the story correct and will improve next time .

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Thank you all

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