Can Sex Exist Without Love?

A dear friend between your spaghetti and also the fruity red, ask me: “Does sex without love exist?” I wasn’t sure what were more stylish, the spaghetti, the red or even the question. Yes, stylish, because is simply few taste, some would appreciate it yet others wouldn’t. Two various things tied by minds and hearts.

There’s a couple of stuff that lead to reply to it, own experience, gender, personality, believes, interpretation or just the way they work. There are various encounters with love and sex.

Don’t ask prostitutes and nuns the things they consider sex, you realize the solution. Ask individuals who’d that unforgettable four each morning prohibited wild sex experience. The worry is definitely an very exciting witch turned on the sex lawless. It’s intense, ferocious, irrational, inexplicably good, wich chills their soul once they remember it. Exactly what do you think they consider sex?

Without personality, sex isn’t sex, is really a pastime, the crosswords puzzle from a manuscript. Should be macho and feminine to possess sex, should be a poet along with a rose to create love. Sex needs, self love, security, creativeness and freedom of expression. Love only exists with balance.

Males are sex ambulates. As dogs, produced by instinct, smells, avarice, bites and functionality. Without these seasonings introduced by men, there’s no sex. Without women, there is no inspiration for this, no fantasies with no beauty. Women would be the sex flavour, form and reason.

Religions, politics, and hypocrites societies don’t like sex, because they are unable to stand the truth that sex doesn’t judge or worry about anything. Sex just will it. Individuals who live under religions, politics and societies dilatorily, don’t know what sex is and have never been brought to it.

Love happens. Sex can occur anytime. Love is existence reason, is safe, complete, dreamy, gentle, pure, ripe, balanced, and different companion. Sex doesn’t respect limitations, isn’t keen on routines, is crazy, bum, intense, good, persistent, hot, screams and dance. Cave man asked sex, we develop it. Love wasn’t produced, love may be the creation reason. Sex may be the wilds song. Love the profoundest tune. Love consumes the soul. Sex devours your body.

Love and sex can do without one another, however the concept of perfection was handed by their union. When sex and love meet, the planet become that moment of plenitude, body and souls become one, reason and feelings sing together, ecstasy comes complete like a present, skin meets sensibility and eyes can easily see at nighttime.

Well following a stylish red gulp, the solution was: “Yes there’s sex without love, although not love without sex.”

Lesli Olsson, is definitely an Brazilian freelance author and immigrant.

She started writing when she was eight years of age, lifelong writing, poetry, chronicles, short tales and inspirational quotes.

In August 2007 gone to live in Dublin, Ireland and explore her passion to visit, and uncover new cultures by covering immigrants experience, society, lifestyle and relationships.