Get out at night in Paris – light the fire!

When the sun sets, the City of Light begins to shine and the time has come for young Parisians to go out. Parisian cultural life was born during the last decades and the clubbing culture was born with it. In France, all tourist hot spots are closed at night and many shops too. It is at this point that you can escape the image of a tourist and mix with the population. A lot of small bars and restaurants or snacks are open at night. Nightlife in Paris is fun because the streets are much more crowded than during the day and you can better appreciate the architecture of the city, with its narrow streets and docks.

So it’s nice to get lost at night in Paris and find new places that you will not know otherwise, but it is also true that wandering alone in a strange place at night carries risks. It is better to have good advice to live the best of the experience of tonight in Paris. Want to enjoy a lady escort in Paris? You can click here! Now we go to the following places!

Although there are many places to explore at night in Paris, Rue Oberkampf is certainly one of the streets of Paris that is definitely worth a visit. The road was renovated for Parisian nightlife in the 90s and remains one of Paris’s favorite places for night outings.\

Coal Coffee

With a slightly hipster style, the Café Carbon is definitely worth seeing during your Parisian night. You can eat, drink and dance at a record price! The Café Charbon offers a menu with daily specials at 10 € and during happy hour (17h to 20h), you can drink a liter at 4 € and a cocktail at 5 €! And as if that were not enough, you will have the beauty of the environment and the beauty of the place that opened in 1863.

Black cat

Another nice place to hang out with friends at night in Paris, especially if you are a music fan. Why? Because the rich and varied programming of Chat Noir will captivate you!

New Casino

Famous for its concerts, New Casino must be part of your night activities in Paris. They received large posters but also wanted their scene to promote new local talent. The place that will appeal to all music lovers.

The Pirates

Of course, you can not miss the Pirates, who serve cheap cocktails and beer. If Jack Sparrow is Parisian, you can be sure he will be lost under a barrel in this extraordinary bar, specializing in mixed rums (good, old or ordinary). We highly recommend!

Panic Room

To go out at night in Paris and enjoy it, you have to go to the panic room! The bar is super cool with lots of mirrors that allow you to come back with your own food! Here you can also enjoy a very rich musical program and make you happy with other music lovers.

To make the Parisian night vibrate, go to Ménilmontant and Gambetta

Other pleasant environments to visit during your Paris night: the districts of Ménilmontant and Gambetta! There, you tend to find yourself in a tourist trap, but you will find many fashionable places.


The Bellevilloise concept is a little original because it is both a bar, a disco and a showroom (yes all at once). The event takes place on the 1st floor, while the bars and clubs are below (music of the 80s retro style). The motto of the place: Paris of freedom since 1877! Made after the Commune with the main goal of promoting education for all, this bar will only captivate you.

The International

The International is a 2-level bar where you can enter for free and promote young emerging music groups. It is a perfect place to spend pleasant time on a limited budget and enjoy a very diverse program. There will be something for everyone!

There are still many other places visited for night visits. However, what has been said above is the beginning.